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Mother’s Way Childcare / Foster Care

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We offer a Youth Start Program developed and implemented as a housing service delivery system to provide the needed services that can help the youth transition into responsible adulthood. This program is designed for youth between the ages of 18 and 21.

This program provides the youth with a gradual accumulation of responsibilities and community programs. This mix of services allows the youth to learn and grow, and it provides them with useful skills that they can use to successfully enter adulthood.

At Mother’s Way Career Counseling, our Youth Start Program provides Structured and Unstructured Housing with the following services:

  • Implementing their self-sufficiency plan within 30 days of enrollment in the Youth Start Program. Participants will be guided to reach their goals toward education, employment, permanent housing and resolutions of family issues, etc.
  • During this phase, the youth are housed in one of the 2-3 bedroom units, in their own individual bedroom, until they demonstrate that can live responsibly in their own apartment.
  • Plan for developing youth financial responsibility
  • Job readiness training, job development, and job placement assistance
  • Academic Support
  • Post-secondary Educational Support
  • Career Preparation
  • Budget and Financial Management
  • Housing Education/Home Management Training
  • Health Education and Risk Prevention Training
  • Youth Leadership opportunities
  • Financial Assistance; see below
    • While in housing, we provide monthly stipends for groceries and personal expenses. Initially, MWCC will work with them on grocery shopping and budgeting.  When it is determined, youth are ready, funds will be allocated to them to pay their living expenses.

Note: Mother’s Way Youth Start participants that remain until age 21 and adhering to staff guidance, exit Mother’s Way in their own apartment that they can afford, they have a Job and funds saved in the Bank.

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