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Mother’s Way Career Counseling (MWCC) is a multi-service, employment, and consulting organization. The company was formed by five African-American women in 1989 with a goal of providing social services in the community, while also developing economic opportunities. Mother’s Way is a certified minority/women (M/WBE) vendor of the State of Missouri. The MWCC mission is:

  1. to empower low-income individuals to seek and secure economic opportunities;
  2. to develop and create opportunities that provide avenues of access to economic parity for low-income individuals; and
  3. to provide information and resources to the African-American community that will strengthen and support the sustainability of our communities.

MWCC focuses on and reaches out to the parents of children of low-income families, in St. Louis’s surrounding cities and counties. The goal of our program is to move families out of poverty by assisting them to remove barriers to their success. To that end, our agency develops relationships with the individuals in our care, as well as their immediate family members. We assist the parents by creating employment opportunities for one or both of them which leads to economic self-sufficiency, stronger families, and therefore a stronger community. This focus also recognizes that making a better life for children can be a powerful motivating factor for parents and the community. Our program is designed not only to create job opportunities, but also to encourage and foster greater family and community stability in the process.

At Mother’s Way Career Counseling, we believe that for long-term success, families must be supported to remain stable. Children need care and parents need support, training, and job placement assistance. Supportive services like in-home, healthcare, wellness, family support programs, emergency assistance, utility assistance, and other services that will support individual efforts toward achieving self-sufficiency and family stabilization need to be addressed. MWCC’s primary goal is to create strong families, which in turn creates strong communities.

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