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In-Home Services

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Mother’s Way Services

In-Home Services

Mother’s Way provides eligible individuals with In-Home Care through MO Medicaid and their Waiver programs. Our services empower adults to maintain healthy living through various programs addressing chronic health conditions, such as depression, diabetes, arthritis, and hypertension by working with Case managers that identify resources that can assist in addressing the various health ailments experienced by our customers. We offer the same services to Private Pay and Managed Care programs. Services include Personal Care (bathing, grooming, dressing, meal preparation, etc); Housework, dietary support; Nursing services. We also provide In-Home Respite Care, allowing caregivers time away when loved ones cannot be left alone.

All of our services are Non- Medical In-Home Care. And as always, your care is designed to meet your needs. With your assigned Casemanager, you receive:

Case Management and Financial Management

Mother’s Way delivers supportive services through trained staff to give you the specific counseling assistance you need. Our case managers provide you with information on available resources. We will assist you with completing and submitting your application for Medicaid and other government or private programs that you may be eligible for. We provide referrals to community programs and assist with activities that will ensure that your needs are being met. We can assist with Financial Management services that include budgeting