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Self-Sufficiency Program

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Mother’s Way Self-Sufficiency Program

Mother’s Way Career Counseling (MWCC) is a multi-service, home health, and community organization. The company was formed by five African American women with the goal of providing social services in the community while also developing economic opportunities. The MWCC’s mission is: 1) To empower low-income individuals to seek and secure economic opportunities. 2) To develop and create opportunities that provide avenues of access to economic parity for low-income individuals. 3) To provide information and resources to the African American community that will strengthen and support the sustainability of our communities.

A central goal of our Self-Sufficiency program is to help participants of our targeted population achieve economic self-sufficiency through household stability and, for some, employment. Through our client-focused case management system, Mother’s Way’s Self -Sufficiency Program will provide assessment, education, training, employment opportunities, supportive and retention services in a coordinated and strategic fashion. Mother’s Way seeks to collaborate with the entire household to combine the use of our In-Home and CDS services to provide needed services to the Disabled or Senior Household member while securing employment for other individuals in the household to increase retention rates and household stability. Through our financial management services, we promote budgeting and savings among program participants, which will reduce the rate of poverty among consumers served by Mother’s Way’s programs.